Isn’t it lovely that this is back? What a great do!
Check out "Northern Rocks 2022" @EventbriteUK

Hey winners! I’ve been booked this coming Friday (22nd) for a couple of years but they’ve just shifted the event SO if you’d like me to drop in and see your staff as part of your Inset event, please DM me and we can sort something. Ideally Wales/Midlands. Cheers! #ImFree! HYWEL_ROBERTS photo

Today I got to meet a lifelong hero of mine, someone who has played such a big part in the tapestry of my interests in cinema, music and the performing arts. We had a lovely chat as well. #TimCurry #fortheloveofhorror HYWEL_ROBERTS photo

Oh yes. I’m going to brush my hair and iron my shirt. This is the thing We have been waiting for. A sleeping giant awakes.